Music gives a soul to the body, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. It is imperative to learn an instrument as it gives a language to our emotions. It’s a healing barn to our stressed mind. It also most importantly builds up one of multiple intelligence's, develops our fine motor skills, enhances our creativity levels. A child who grows up without learning music remains hungry all his life. We believe music is the food of love and life. 

Aryan has 12 different instruments. It is compulsory for each child to learn an instrument. We have an orchestra with around 80 – 90 students playing different instruments. It is very well synchronized and well tuned, and has become a pride of the whole town.

Music classes are compulsory conducted twice a week from classes I onwards. There is a separate faculty for each instrument.. Aryan has the biggest faculty in Music, Art and sports.

Instruments offered in school are:

1. Spanish Guitar

2. Hawaiian Guitar

3. Flute

4. Violin

5. Pakhavaj

6. Tabla

7. Drums

8. Keyboard

9. Xylophone

10. Congo

11. Jambe

Dances offered in school are:

1. Kathak

2. Bharatnatyam