Online Classes Program

The Aryan International School yet again proves its mettle by conducting the best online classes in the city. Highly qualified professionals, best quality and explanatory videos are prepared by distinguished and experienced faculty members for the students. Daily live interactive classes, revision or remedial sessions too are conducted, that successfully clear students doubts. These endeavors not only aid students learning but also broaden their outlook and help them develop into a thoughtful and responsible individual as every lesson is linked with hands-on, activities and analytical discussions. We as educators have realized that online mode of education is here to stay and complement the regular school system by becoming the facilitator of knowledge sharing and active engagement for students.


Good afternoon ma’am, I am Dr. Farhana Durrani….Zaaras mother. It is really commendable how the teachers are putting in so much effort to bring the best out in our children. I hope the children come up to the expectations of Aryan School and the teachers and make us all proud of them.

Thank you.

Dr. Farhana Durrani

Zaaras Mother

The way of taking exam during Covid pandemic is very good. I would like to thank teachers and school staff for their hard labour for the students and holding the exam successfully.

Aditya is also completing his exam on time with full honesty

Guardian of Aditya Tiwari

Class 12 Humanities

Good Evening Sir, I am Dr. Peeyush , father of Ayush, and I am writing this to inform you and the school that we are extremely satisfied and happy with the ongoing test series. I am ensuring that my ward practices sincerely for the boards as well as he has sufficient amount of time to prepare for NEET. I thank the school for their hard work and really appreciate the efforts.

Thank you.

Dr. Peeyush

Father of Ayush

The new programme “Exam Warrior” started by the respected Chairman Sir is very helpful for the students. It has helped them understand the pattern of the board’s paper and has also helped them maintain their writing skills.

We are really very thankful to the respected teachers and respected Chairman sir to work so hard for the betterment of the students!


Class Xth