Pre-Primary & Primary Student

Children perform better in an inspiring environment. Our school creates a climate of encouragement to facilitate the all round development of every child. Our school focuses on six aspects of learning that provides a comprehensive framework for a child's development at the pre-primary level :

  1. Personal, social and emotional development.
  2. Communication, language and literacy.
  3. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy.
  4. Physical development.
  5. Creative development.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of the world.

Event for Pre-Primary

  1. Annual Sports Day.
  2. Art & Craft Fairs.
  3. Cultural Events.
  4. Model Class Presentations.
  5. Mother's Day and Grandparents Day.
  6. Nature and Field Trips.

Junior School ( Standard I to V )

The focus in the primary classes is on learning through experience. It is applicable to both, academic as well as co-curricular activities. In primary school, learning through experience is achieved through exposure to many activities and play-way methodologies. A child's scientific temper, desire of questioning, inquisitive mind, self-expression, communication, self-confidence along with spatial and motor skills are all honed and catered to through the curriculum.

Middle School ( Standard VI to VIII )

The methodology followed during the progressive years is an extension of the once utilized during the formative years in the primary classes. Again acquisition of knowledge is achieved through questioning, dialogue, experimentation and exposure to various media. Ample opportunities are provided to the children to interact with each other within the student community on the same platform through encouraged participation in various intra and inter-school activities.

Secondary and Senior Secondary School ( Standard IX to XII )

The school sets rigorous academic standards. Learning by doing is emphasized, especially in science and computing. Students are provided with strategies and the keys to success in Board Examinations, helping them plan better and study smarter, not just harder. A strong and consistent remedial teaching program helps weaker students to become secure in their knowledge. Our school boasts of School Integrated Programme ( SIP ) from classes VIII to XII. One exclusive batch is formed where both Board as well as competitive examinations are taken care of simultaneously.