Our Vision

Will to Excel is our motto and aim. Over time, this drive for excellence has become a habit. We have always visualized an education system, which inculcates curiosity, independent thinking, universal values and service to society within a safe and supportive environment. Our leadership encourage students to develop sound ethical values, while simultaneously exposing them to the most modern and technologically driven educational environment with great emphasis on enhancing their individual skill. We provide an educational environment to foster "the pursuit of excellence", such that every student is given an opportunity to maximize their scholastic and co-scholastic virtues. Personalized attention to each child is our intent and passion.



A place where toddlers can discover the fascinating world of fun and friends, the pre-school at The Aryan International School will lay the foundation for a lifetime of self learning and related skills.


The focus in the primary classes will be on learning through experience. Applicable to both, academic as well as co-curricular activities. During primary school, learning through experience is achieved through exposure to as many activities and environments as possible.


The methodology followed during these formative years will be an extension of one utilized in the primary classes. Again, acquisition of knowledge will be achieved through questioning, dialogue, experimentation and exposure to various media.


A wide variety of subjects including modern languages, commerce and humanities are offered in the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes as per the requirements of the CBSE.


Central to the curriculum and learning process at The Aryan International School will be the relationship between the teacher and the student and among the peer group. Taking on the role of facilitator of knowledge rather than a disseminator of information.

Why Aryan?

The Aryan International School is a co-educational, secular as well boarding school, day, English medium School from nursery standard to XII. The school is affiliated to the central board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.The Aryan International school was envisaged to render holistic education in the true sense of the word. It is the only school where the management themselves teach & counsel the students. Their progress graphs and skills are personally monitored and honed. Ex Aryanites who are excelling in their field stand as testimony when they say that ARYAN has stood true to its motto 'THE WILL TO EXCEL' which is infused in them through extensive discipline. The motto becomes their habit.


As per the ancient belief we are the descendants of Aryan race. Since the Vedas were written by them, we have named our four houses by the four Vedas. True to their name, we try to inculcate and maintain the morale of the four Vedas in the school.

Rig veda symbolises wisdom

Samaveda symbolizes creativity

Yajurveda symbolizes action

Atharveda symbolizes prayer



We have associations with the renowned names, to bring in value addition to our students and make them learn better with the newer technology aids.