Activities mean learning by doing. You do, you learn and you remember. It drives away the rote learning thereby making learning interesting, imbibing and receptive. Activity based teaching is the objective of our class room. Great emphasis are laid on teaching pedagogies and lesson plans to enhance the nine multiple Intelligences of each child. For this purpose various activities are offered and made mandatory which enables a holistic development in the education of a child.

LiteraryElocution, Talk Show, Dramatics, Subject-wise Clubs, Write-ups for School Magazine, Study Circle, Library Work, Debate, Discussion Story and Poetry Writing, Quiz, etc.To improve communication and expression, independent thinking, trace references , enhance creativity and develop supplementary reading habits, skill of articulation, comprehension and analysis.
Aesthetic and CulturalMusic, Dance, Exhibition, Fancy Dress, Role Play, Art & Craft, Pottery, Cultural Shows, and Puppet shows by students.To build character and exhibit hidden talents, respect cultural values and traditions.
CognitiveQuiz, Audio-Visual Sessions, National Olympiads, Inter-school competitions, etc.To inculcate logic, reasoning and enquiry.
Civic DevelopmentAryan Mall, Assembly, Student’s Council, Mock Parliament, Guest Speakers, Workshops.To prepare for future roles and build up leadership quality, general awareness, etc.
Social WelfareSocial Survey, Project work, Active Participation in Social and Environmental issues like Each One Teach One, Visits to underprivileged areas.To create sensitivity towards society and the environment.
Skill DevelopmentArt & Craft, Instrument, Music and Dance with creative activities like film making, dress designing etc.To nurture and hone the creativity embedded in the child.
G.K. ClubTo prepare the students for Inter-School competitions and National Competitions, regular G.K. quizzes are held of all subjects.To sharpen the brain.
ExcursionsPicnics, Educational Trips and Visits to Zoo, Museum, Parks Restaurants, etc.To provide real life exposure and first-hand experience.