The importance of sports stands testimony to the health of the nation. There are innumerable skills involved in playing a game. To name a few :- It develops the gross motor skills, hand, mind co-ordination, competitive spirit etc. It strengthens the emotional quotient and strengths the reflexes quintessential for success in life. Aryan offers Badminton, Hockey, Basketball, Table tennis, Gymnastics, Karate, Cricket, Skating. Each child has to opt for one sport which is played five times in a week.

For each sports, there are expertise faculty to coach & train the respective games. There are two sports periods in a week upto classes III. From class IV onwards sports period is five days a week. It is compulsory for each student to play a sport. Sports uniform is per the houses they belong to.

For swimming, there are 3 coaches, and swimming pool has a good filtration plant.

Table Tennis



Basket Ball

Volley Ball