Having multiple sections per class, a student-teacher ratio of 20:1 and a small class size of 30 facilitates personal attention to students. The curriculum is designed to achieve a balance between academic and co-curricular activities, a practice prevalent in the progressive schools of the world.


A place where toddlers can discover the fascinating world of fun and friends, the pre-school at The Aryan International School will lay the foundation for a lifetime of self learning and related skills.


The focus in the primary classes will be on learning through experience. Applicable to both, academic as well as co-curricular activities. During primary school, learning through experience is achieved through exposure to as many activities and environments as possible.


The methodology followed during these formative years will be an extension of one utilized in the primary classes. Again, acquisition of knowledge will be achieved through questioning, dialogue, experimentation and exposure to various media.


A wide variety of subjects including modern languages, commerce and humanities are offered in the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes as per the requirements of the CBSE.


Central to the curriculum and learning process at The Aryan International School will be the relationship between the teacher and the student and among the peer group. Taking on the role of facilitator of knowledge rather than a disseminator of information. The teachers recruited by the school will undergo special orientation programs and workshops so that they understand our philosophy and beliefs and help us achieve them. Training programs conducted from time-to-time will help them stay in touch with developments in the field of education.