The main idea of the house system is to inculcate in our students the essential qualities of leadership, teamwork, Co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. The house system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The houses provide a healthy positive competition and closer rapport between students and teachers. It encourage teamwork, provides opportunities to take an responsibilities and bring in everyone in school together.


    In order to develop the competitive edge, among the students, the school follows the house system where in the students are divided into four houses. The name of the houses are derived from the four Vedas formed by the Aryans, as we are the descendants of the Aryans, and the name of the school inspires the concept of four houses, which is taken from the Vedas written by Aryans. The word Veda is derived from the root word "VID" meaning to know thus Veda means knowledge or superior knowledge.

    The students are divided into four houses in the school- Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. Each house is headed by a Captain. A member of the staff assisted by other teachers acts as the House Mistress/Master. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for co-curricular activities, games and discipline. Inter-house competitions are organized in Sports, Dramatics, Debate, Elocution, Quiz, Art, Music etc. Winners are felicitated with medals and certificates at appropriate occasions. At the end of the year, the house gaining the highest number of points is awarded a running trophy.

Rig Veda

The value given here are that students should have competitive spirit and should try and win the task.


Saam Veda

The students are motivated to developed creative skills among themselves.


Yajur Veda

Yajurveda symbolizes action, in the sphere of social and political life. It brings in the spirit of rules and regulation that should be followed.


Atharva Veda

Atharveda symbolizes prayer. To bring in ethos and humanity among the students.