I am writing this to inform you and the school that we are extremely satisfied with the ongoing test series. It is really amazing to see that the children's studies could be approached in such a way that I think no other school could have done. I thank the school for their hard work and really appreciate the efforts.

Thank you.

Sriniwas Singh

Father of Sachin Raj

I am writing this message to inform you and the school that the current test series pattern is extremely helpful to my child in preparing for board exams. The preparation leaves and test timings also ensure that my child gets enough time to study for competitive exams. I really appreciate and thank the school for their hard work and efforts to deliver the best in the time of the pandemic.
Thank you.

Sudha Gupta

Mother of Aditya Gupta

and I write this to inform you that we are extremely satisfied with the current test series. It ensures my ward practice diligently for the boards as well as has enough time for competitive preparations. I thank the school for their hard work and really appreciate the effort to keep up with the tests even in this hard time.

Thank You.

Vandana Jha

Mother of Rochana

Sir, the test series organized by the school in this hard time in the middle of a pandemic is very helpful. It is innovative and very considerate to the students. The practice that students receive as an outcome of this program is wonderful.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication

Dr. Pratima Gond

Mother of Shagun Gond

The exam cycle pattern is going very well. It is very helpful for my child in this time of crisis. This exam cycle is very beneficial for my child's Boards preparation.

Thank you for your efforts towards my ward.

Roli Arora

Parent of Sanjeevani Arora

The exam pattern is very satisfactory. I really appreciate the efforts taken by the whole school staff and chairman sir. None of the schools in the whole city is taking such good effort and care for their students. Hats off to all of you ????.

Sakshi seth

Pratham Seth's mother

The program is really helpful and innovative. The schedule is good and has helped my ward improve her routine. We appreciate the efforts of your team and keep it up.

Akhilesh Gupta

Tanisha Didwania, class XII Fayols

We really appreciate the efforts done by all the teachers, staff, and chairman sir.
The students are also cooperating in this and we as parents also like it and are ready to support the school.

Thank you for your efforts.

Mamata Pandey

SUPRIYA 's mother

I'm satisfied with the exam pattern going on but my suggestion is that you should inform the marks obtained by our ward as early as possible.



Anshita Rai Father

Good evening Ma’am

Thanks for all your support in the exams we are very satisfied with the way you are conducting the exams in the pandemic. I promise I’ll give you the best results, from Harveer once again thank you so much Ma’am.


Harveer Bagga’s mother

It is a very nice way of keeping the school exams going. The hard work that the whole school - every teacher - has put in is really appreciable. The fact that no school has taken up this way of keeping the school exams and learning going is remarkable.

And I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts put in by the school.


Harsh Shah (Class10th A4)

I'm really glad that the school has taken this initiative to improve their writing skills and I would request you to send them more and more sample paper for their practice purpose and continue this examination cycle till the boards. And as her parent, I'll make sure that she prepares well and stay honest towards her exam.
And I would request you to send back the answer sheets with corrections done so that the child can rectify them.

Thank you sir.


Anushka's mother

I am extremely satisfied with the way examinations were held in these times of pandemic. I am grateful for your efforts and this will be helpful to my ward to practice for her board exams. The question paper sent by you was quite elaborate and topic wise which was especially useful for my ward for practicing for the syllabus of examination in depth.

Thank you


Father of Suhani Singh

Hello ma'am

Would like to thank you n your team of teachers for the great efforts that u have been into keeping in mind the safety of the students.

Hats off to all the teachers n Chopra Sir.


Harjas Singh Kohli's mother (Class 10th)

Dear Ma'am,
The exam which is going on currently is very good and as a parent, we are proud of teachers for their hard work and cooperation with my child.

Thank you for always being with my child.


Sneha Singh (Class 10th A2)

Good afternoon ma'am I am Dr Farhana Durrani, Zaara's mother. It is really commendable how the teachers are putting in so much effort to bring the best out of our children. I hope the children come up to the expectations of Chopra sir and the teachers and make us all proud of them.

Dr Farhana Durrani

Zaara's mother

The way of taking an exam during the pandemic is very good. I would like to thanks the teachers and school staff for their hard labor for the students and for holding the exam successfully. Aditya is also completing his exam on time with full honesty.

Thank you


Aditya Tiwari

It's a great experience to help guys in giving board exams in the future. As much they will practice it will be easier for them.

Thanks for all of your hard work. We appreciate this idea.


Varun Gulati (10th A2)

Ma'am, Thank you for your great efforts.

Jia is doing her exams very sincerely. And I am quite satisfied with her performance.
Thank you n the entire staff of Aryan for taking so much pain for the students in this situation of the pandemic.


Jia Tandon's mother

This new program 'Exam Warrior' started by the respected Chairman Sir is very helpful for the students. It has helped them understand the pattern of the board's paper and has also helped them maintain their writing skills.

We are really very thankful to the respected teachers and respected Chairman Sir to work so hard for the betterment of the students!


Kritika rai 10th A5

The pre-board cycle is a very unique and good way of increasing our writing practice. But as a suggestion, I think that if the starting time could be shifted by 1hr then the students could have their breakfast as we sit on an empty stomach to give our paper Thank You for the hard work you did for us.


Divyansh Raguvanshi (Class 10th A5)

I just want to thank the teachers and Chopra sir for organizing this exam.it is really a good program and very helpful to children.

Thank you


Anamika Singh (Class 10th A5)

I would like to sincerely appreciate the effort that Aryan International school is taking during this pandemic. The concept of home delivery of question paper and answer sheets is very creative. I assure you that Nitya is attempting every exam with full honesty and sincerity.

Thanking the management for their sincere efforts


Nitya's mother

I would like to thank teachers and school staff as they are conducting exams successfully and in an innovative way in this pandemic time. And thank you for the hard labor which teachers are doing as it is visible. And yes Kanya is also trying to match their expectations with honesty.

Thank you,


Mother of Kanya Verma

The new program adopted by the school is very useful and helpful to students. They are put into continuous writing practice and have actually started studying seriously. Thanking you and the entire Aryan team .... especially Chairman sir for the commendable effort put by the team.

Seema Baranwal

Shreya Baranwal (Class 10th A5)

Sir, the current exam cycle pattern is an excellent idea which not only keeps the children safe in the house but also ensures proper preparation and practice for the board examination. Also, the doubt clearing sessions held daily helps the child to get problems solved quickly.

Overall, I am highly impressed with this pattern of examination.
Thank you, sir!


Sanskriti Ganeriwal's father.

I am extremely satisfied with the exam cycle. None of the schools is doing this so this shows your care and concern towards your students! I really appreciate your efforts.


Akshaya mother

Ma'am I am the mother of shubhankar. I am very happy and satisfied with the way school is taking the tests. Answer sheets and question papers are regularly delivered to us.

Thank you to teachers and school management for promoting students to give a test by their honesty.


Mother of Shubhankar