• 2021-03-10
  • AIS

Device gets ready for three-four thousand rupees

He further explained that it is still a prototype. This device can fit women in their clothes. It is very easy. This device can be hidden anywhere in the t-shirt. If necessary, this button will be pressed. In this, the set number will be of the police and family members. Those whom Kaal will begin to know and she will be saved from trouble. Apart from the T-shirt, this chip can be hidden somewhere. It gets ready for three to four thousand rupees.

Vaishnavi told that it has a transmitter, nano audio circuit and battery. Which will go on for a full year without charging. Its range has been kept 200 meters. Its biggest feature is that it will work even if there is no phone nearby. There is absolutely no need for a phone in this. Ananya Singh said that you can apply this device in any dress. The transmitter to which the signals will be sent.

Parents and police station will get information

Page said that these days the mission power is being promoted through the UP government. Also on 8 March is International Women’s Day. In this, this device will become the support of every woman. Subin Chopra, director of the school director and president of the Women’s Aerobic Association UP, said, “The way incidents are happening with women today.” In it, the device made by the students of our school will prove to be very good. On pressing a button of this device, their parents and police station will get the call immediately without a phone call. ”

No need to keep chilli powder or spray now

He told that, “Women will no longer need to keep chilli powder or spray to avoid sex offenders. The director explained that this device will be non-visible, wearable and easily operated. We have written a letter to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi to implement the system of this device in the entire country. So that the safety of women can be found as a good weapon. “

Vipin Kumar Rai, deputy SP of Varanasi, UP Police’s (STF) unit, said, “In the era of technology, this device will give protection to women very soon. Getting instant information in it will help quickly. This device can prove to be a shield for women’s safety. “