Class Transforming System ( CTS ) is an amazingly versatile, high end innovative technology. Smart Class CTS will make every teaching-learning session much more stimulating, interactive, enlightening and effective. Ensuring outstanding teaching outcomes, smart class CTS paves the way for academic excellence of every learner. With Smart class CTS, teachers will be empowered with a whole range of ready to deploy resources. Animation apart, it will have simulations, mind maps, worksheet, web links, diagram maker, graphic organizers, assessment tools and a lot more.

    From schools to skills, Educomp group empowers over 20 million learners and educators across 32,000 schools to imagine, think and create a better future. 

    Their presence in each of the education verticals is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value. From pre-school toddlers to post graduate students, from core curriculum subjects at the school & college level to vocational & employ-ability skills for young, about-to-enter-the-job-market adults, Educomp reaches out to the entire education life cycle.