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Our school provides hostels, separate for boys & girls, offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, bedecked with all modern and traditional educative environment and facilities. They are a home away from home as they provide a truly congenial ambiance wherein a child feels comfortable without feeling home sick under the caring and loving wings of wardens and caretakers. Each child is expected to speak in English and gain mastery over the language. Good manners and etiquette's are inculcated to produce good citizens of the nation. Remedial classes are scheduled on regular basis.


Life at boarding is full of fun, amusement and youthfulness as individuals are constantly in touch  with their schoolmates  who are of their age . Hostel makes  students life disciplined and systematic . Students are provided with a platform to augment their knowledge and skills which is continuously monitored by Mentors and Professors. 

Boarding in Aryan is known for personal attention. Extra coaching and activities are conducted to build up their personality and confidence. 


Extensive worksheets are given to the children as a part of regular assessment. Their weakness and strengths are catered to through one to one coaching. Their schedule and performances are personally monitored by the heads of the institution. This Institution has produced remarkable results wherein average students have attained commendable percentages in the board exams and are placed in the best of colleges across India and abroad earning a good reputation for themselves and for the school. Remedial classes are scheduled on regular basis. Subject teachers stay in hostel to facilitate the students at any hour of need during examination.


Besides the activities conducted compulsorily during school hours, the boarders get additional opportunities to pursue their hobbies and enhance their artistic skills in their leisure time. Emphasis is laid on honing writing, reading and communicative skills through debate, elocution and other activities held every Sunday.


  1.  Recreational Sports in Open Ground
  2.  Special Session for Spoken English and Writing Improvement 
  3.  Fashion Designing Courses by Experts 
  4.  Debate 
  5.  Just a Minute 
  6.  Puppet Show 
  7.  Making Presentation's
  8.  Play 
  9.  Mimicry 
  10.  GK Quiz 
  11.  Master Chef 
  12.  Race 
  13.  Sports Day 
  14.  Fun with Toys 
  15.  Fountain Making 
  16.  Carpentry 
  17.  Web designing 
  18.  Mock Parliament 
  19.  Swimming 
  20.  Gymnastics 
  21.  Skating 
  22.  Rangoli, Card Making 
  23.  Act of Mythological Characters
  24.  Yoga 
  25.  Basketball , Badminton , Cricket tournament. 
  26.  DJ NIGHT 
  27.  Born Fire Night 
  28.  News Reading 
  29.  Advertisement 
  30.  Mono-act 
  31.  Essay Writing 
  32.  Scrap Market 
  33.  Speech Delivery 
  34.  Chess, Ludo 

Hobby & Professional Clubs

 Special training for

•  Fashion Designing 

•  Interior Designing 

• Creative Wooden Art 

•  Fun with Soft Toys 

•  Fabric Painting with Tie and Dye concept .

Academic Performance

1) Strict supervision specially for students for boards Package.  

2) 1:1 teacher student ratio.

3) 24×7 availability of all subject teachers.  

4) Special Remedial Classes for progressive students.


Boarders are taken for outings twice a month. Recreational activities are organized every Saturday to explore their potential, help build their personality and develop confidence and life skills.