• 2024-05-13
  • AIS

Aryan International School tops CBSE board test results once more :

Kaustav Khemka topped the district in the commerce  stream with a score of 98.8% (Accountancy 100, Mathematics Core 99). Arihant Jain received 98.4% and placed second, while Disha Lath placed third , with 97.8%. Three students in the Commerce stream broke the previous record by receiving a perfect score(100 out of 100) in accountancy. In accountancy, Arihant Jain, Kaustav Khemka, and Samridh Gujarati received perfect scores(100 out of 100. The school's class 12-CBSE-2024 result was 100%, same like in prior years.

24 students and 53 students, respectively, received scores in the commerce stream that exceeded 95% and 90%. 

Ojaswi Gupta received a score of 96.6% to take first place in the science division, while Khushi Gupta received a score of 96.2%. The school's popularity was bolstered by the fact that 13 students and 21 students, respectively, received scores in the scientific portion exceeding 95% and 90%.

Nandini Maurya took first place in the humanities category with 97.2%  marks, ahead of Ayush Devansh with 96%. Students Nandini Maurya and Shreya Rai excelled in political science, earning perfect  scores (100 out of 100)